DIY or Delegate? A SaaS Owner's Guide to Deciding When It's Time to Hire a Copywriter

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Understanding the Importance of SaaS Copywriting

The Role of SaaS Copywriting

In the SaaS industry, communication is crucial for connecting technology with the end-user. B2B SaaS copywriting is specialized, aiming at the needs and interests of the target audience. Gaby Alexander states, "A SaaS copywriter understands and actively constructs content that focuses on your target audience" (Why Should You Hire a SaaS SEO Copywriter?). This approach ensures content such as SaaS landing pages, SaaS emails, email campaigns, and product descriptions directly address customer challenges and goals.

Bridging Technology and End-User through SaaS Copywriting

Why Professional Copywriting Makes a Difference

Professional SaaS copywriting, especially for digital products, is vital. It plays a strategic marketing role that boosts brand presence, user engagement, and conversions. Susan Greene notes, "Your SaaS-copy expert should be skilled at two important tasks: Research and Translate." (Copywriter for SaaS). This highlights the dual role of SaaS copywriting: effective communication, creating persuasive copy, and resonating with the audience to drive action.

Skilled SaaS copywriters combine SEO expertise, buyer psychology understanding, and the ability to simplify complex software solutions. They perform extensive research to understand the market and translate software functionalities into compelling narratives. This research, translation capability, and on-page optimization is crucial for making SaaS solutions both visible and understandable to potential customers.

Investing in skilled copywriting is strategic. It enables SaaS businesses, supporting SaaS growth, to clearly articulate their value propositions, making it a key element of SaaS marketing strategies.

Effective SaaS copywriting has been shown to positively influence several key performance indicators (KPIs) crucial for SaaS businesses, such as enhancing user engagement, conversion rates, enhancing customer conversion, and overall traffic. However, it's crucial to recognize that these improvements are subject to various factors including the quality of the copywriting, market conditions, and the comprehensive nature of the overall marketing strategy. Thus, while effective SaaS copywriting can significantly contribute to these metrics, its success does not occur in isolation.

Companies in the SaaS industry, recognizing the significant role of high-quality SaaS copywriting, have reported notable improvements in engagement and conversion metrics. Nevertheless, the direct attribution of these improvements to copywriting alone is complex and requires consideration of concurrent marketing efforts and the external market environment. A meticulous approach to crafting marketing assets, message, and tone suitable for the target market can, indeed, lead to better user response and interaction with the product or service, yet it operates within a broader marketing context.

In conclusion, the investment in professional SaaS copywriting services significantly contributes to a SaaS company's ability to effectively convey its value proposition. This contribution, however, is best understood as one key element within a broader strategic marketing framework that collectively acts to uplift various performance metrics. Clear, impactful communication tailored to the audience's needs and preferences plays a critical role in the competitive SaaS market.

Growth Metrics in SaaS Businesses Represented as a Flourishing Plant

When to Hire a SaaS Copywriter

Identifying the Need for Professional Copywriting

Recognizing when to bring a SaaS copywriter on board is crucial for your marketing strategy and sales funnel. As a SaaS business owner, you might confuse what visitors should know with what they want to know. This is where professional copywriting comes in. A quote from a guide on SaaS content states, "What you think visitors should know and what they want to know are wildly different. That’s why SaaS content creation and copywriting matters."

Professional copywriting can lead to improvements in key website metrics, such as bounce rates and conversion rates, enhancing your marketing and sales funnel's effectiveness.

Key Signs Your SaaS Business Needs a Copywriter

  1. Stagnant or Declining Conversion Rates: A drop or plateau in conversion rates might mean the product's value isn't communicated well. A copywriter can better align your product's benefits with your audience's preferences.

  2. High Bounce Rates on Key Pages: High bounce rates on your homepage or product pages suggest visitors aren't engaged. Skilled copywriting can help capture and retain their interest.

  3. Outdated or Inconsistent Brand Messaging: As your SaaS business grows, your brand message should too. A professional copywriter ensures your message stays consistent and reflects your current values.

  4. Expansion into New Markets: Entering new markets requires a fresh approach to your copy. A copywriter experienced in those markets can adapt your message effectively.

  5. Lack of Time or Expertise: If you can't craft persuasive, SEO-friendly content, hiring a copywriter saves you time and effort while producing better results.

The ROI of Hiring a Professional Copywriter

  • The ROI for hiring a copywriter, professional copywriting services, can vary based on the campaign and goals.
  • A professional copywriter crafts compelling copy that attracts, engages, and converts. This can lead to a positive ROI.
  • Calculating the ROI involves comparing the cost of hiring the copywriter to the resulting increase in revenue.

Source: Investopedia

Seeking professional assistance early can significantly improve your marketing goals and sales metrics. Hiring a SaaS copywriter is an investment in the clarity and effectiveness of your communication strategy.

DIY vs Professional Copywriting

Choosing between DIY copywriting and hiring a professional involves evaluating the unique needs, resources, and goals of your SaaS business. This decision, also impacting website optimization, is not about which option is universally superior, but rather which aligns best with your current situation and strategic objectives.

Choosing the Path of Professional vs DIY Copywriting

Balancing Act: DIY Copywriting

When considering the DIY approach, it’s valuable to consider the specific advantages it offers:

  1. Cost-Effectiveness: Managing copywriting in-house can be more budget-friendly, particularly for startups or businesses with tight financial constraints.
  2. In-Depth Knowledge: Leveraging your comprehensive understanding of the product can result in copy that is passionately detailed and deeply informed.
  3. Agility: Producing content internally allows for swift revisions and updates, keeping your messaging as current as possible.

While DIY copywriting grants a high level of control and immediacy, it also demands a significant time investment and an ability to produce engaging content that meets professional standards. Darren emphasizes the importance of crafting stories that capture emotional value that captivate and convert your audience (Source: Darren).

Considerations for Hiring a Professional Copywriter

Engaging with a professional copywriter brings a different set of benefits to the table:

  1. Specialized Expertise: Professionals offer skills in crafting persuasive copy and search engine optimization (SEO) that may not be present in-house.
  2. Efficiency: Outsourcing copywriting can free up internal resources, thereby enabling you to drive traffic to concentrate on other pivotal areas of your business.
  3. New Perspectives: External copywriters can offer fresh insights on how to connect with your audience, which might not be apparent from the inside looking out.
  4. Optimization: A professional can employ techniques like A/B testing and gather user feedback to fine-tune messaging for maximum impact (Source:

Despite the potential cost, investing in a professional can enhance engagement, conversions, and SEO performance, providing significant returns on investment.

Weighing Your Options

Selecting between DIY and professional copywriting should be informed by considering your capacity for creating impactful content, the available budget for marketing efforts, and the strategic goals of your SaaS business. Each approach offers distinctive advantages that could be the right fit based on the specific context and phase of your business. The optimal choice may evolve over time as your business grows and your needs change, making it vital to periodically reassess this decision.

How to Find and Hire the Right SaaS Copywriter

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Sourcing Potential Copywriters

To identify the right SaaS copywriter for your project, utilize a combination of professional networks and freelance platforms. Post your requirements on LinkedIn, industry-specific job boards, and on platforms like Upwork and Fiverr, where rates vary significantly based on experience and expertise. Additionally, asking for personal recommendations can help find a copywriter with a proven track record, especially one familiar with the unique needs of SaaS businesses.

Prioritize candidates who demonstrate a blend of SEO insight and exceptional writing skills. This ensures not only the production of compelling content but also content optimized for search engines. Given the SaaS sector's, or Software as a Service's, unique requirements, finding a copywriter who can significantly enhance your online visibility is crucial.

Evaluating and Selecting a Copywriter

After compiling a list of potential copywriters, evaluate their fit for software product marketing by reviewing their past work. It's important their writing style and area of expertise align with your brand's voice and objectives. A proficient understanding of SaaS products and the ability to effectively communicate their benefits is also key.

Consider conducting interviews or requesting sample pieces to better understand their capability to create content that engages and performs well from both a reader's perspective and an SEO standpoint. Discuss their experience with SaaS companies and how they approach SEO in their writing.

The ideal candidate is someone who merges skill, dependability, and receptiveness to feedback, eager to work with your team to hone your message. Establishing such a collaboration is fundamental to crafting content that not only reflects your SaaS product accurately but also resonates deeply with your target audience.