About AIMD

AI tools can be overwhelming. We wanted to have a pretty landing page, but we also wanted to have a page that explains what the tool does in a simple, easy-to-understand way. This is that page.

The Problem: The Traditional Approach

Imagine you're a copywriter assigned to create a blog post on "cold-weather workouts for dogs" for your website. Since you know little about the topic, you research online, reading existing articles and noting key points. After drafting an outline and getting it approved, you write the article using the information you've gathered.

The old way is very time consuming... But there is a better way.

How AIMD Transforms Copywriting

With AIMD...

  • You input your desired topic, such as "cold-weather workouts for dogs."
  • AIMD conducts a thorough search, gathering interesting facts and citations from other articles on the Internet.
  • It analyzes these articles to understand what makes them successful (questions they answers, keywords they use, etc.).
  • AIMD then proposes a structured outline based on this analysis.
  • You review and approve the outline, ensuring it meets your standards and vision.
  • Finally, AIMD takes over the writing process, crafting the article for you.

With AIMD, you can produce high-quality, ready-to-post articles in minutes instead of hours. The time-consuming aspects of copywriting are streamlined, allowing you to focus on creativity and strategy rather than the minutiae of research and initial drafting.

While you could manually combine these steps using general-purpose language models like ChatGPT, AIMD significantly reduces effort and time by automating these processes, offering a more streamlined content creation experience.
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