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AIMD creates well-researched content optimized for SEO performance. Dominate your niche by consistently producing high-quality, factual articles for your blog.

500+ companies are using AIMD as their primary content generation tool. Find out why!

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Backed by Research
Generate up-to-date, relevant articles that you and your readers can trust.

AIMD studies trending articles and emulates the structure and facts of top-ranking content so that your blog is accurate and optimized to perform.
Establish SEO Authority through Expert Citations
Good citation practices make you a more trustworthy writer. AIMD integrates citations and quotes from authoritative sources to create original and credible articles.
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1. Pick a topic
2. Pick a title
3. Select sources
4. Edit the outline
5. Generate the article
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Written in Your Brand Voice
Ensures every post resonates with your brand's character. AIMD indexes and analyzes your existing content to perfectly replicate your distinct tone of voice.
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AI-Powered Internal Linking
Generate articles with expertly placed anchor links to your existing content. AIMD finds the relevant content on your site and builds a robust SEO internal linking strategy to boost your page authority.
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  • Topic Discovery: Identifies trending topics in your niche.
  • Minimal Editing Needed: Generates high-quality content that rarely needs further editing.
  • Keyword Optimization: Incorporates keywords with an optimal search volume/keyword difficulty ratio.
  • Fact-Based Content: Produces content based on factual information.
  • Credibility through Citations: Includes links and citations from top-ranking pages to make your article more credible.
  • Internal Linkinking: Identifies internal linking opportunities to improve your website's SEO.
  • Multimedia Enrichment: Embeds relevant images and videos to engage readers.
  • Repurpose Content for Social Media: Transform existing content into formats for Twitter, Instagram, and other mediums.
  • Anti-AI Detection: Avoids detection by AI content detection tools.

I wrote a one-pager explaining what makes AIMD unparalleled in AI article writing.